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OREA Brewer Glass TYPE B


A special brewer

The OREA Glass Brewer with an OPEN bottom is really something special and there's really nothing quite like it out there. We love glass in general and we've made a lot of glass products over the past years. Glass is fantastic because it's recyclable anywhere around the world, durable, and has unique thermal properties. We're also just super excited to bring back a transparent brewer to the lineup since we had to retire the original V3 in Trogamid. 


TYPE B - Glass Brewer 

We decided to launch two variations of the Glass Brewer - this being Type B. Type B is designed without a base or ridge for support - it is designed to nest inside of our Sense Jug (or other carafes). If you would like a glass brewer with a base, please purchase the Type A. 

Type B is a simplified version of the OREA Glass Brewer and comes at a lower price. The savings in complexity of manufacturing of Type A are passed onto you. In fact, the Type B Glass Brewer is our most affordable brewer yet. Type B is thinner and a more delicate piece than Type A.

We recommend our Sense Jug or a carafe with a wide opening. This brewer will sit on the small Sense Carafe 300ml, but we recommend the Jug or a carafe with a bigger opening for an optimal fit. 

We recommend carafes with a mouth opening wider than 7.5cm for a stable fit. The deeper the brewer can sit inside of the carafe, the more stable it will be. 



100% handmade

This glass brewer is hand-shaped by skilled glass blowers and is not machine-made. We prefer to work with craft techniques as they allow us to make the kind of shapes we really desire. Being handmade, the brewers do sometimes have marks of the process, being hand-formed bit by bit into the right shape. We want to be fully transparent that this is part of our process. 


Glass for brewing 

Glass is an interesting material for coffee brewing. It has a relatively low thermal conductivity rate, at around 0.9 W/(m·K) [In comparison, plastic is around 0.33 W/(m·K) and ceramic around 4 W/(m·K)]. In this way, glass is more similar to plastic than ceramic in how quickly (or rather how slowly) it allows heat from the slurry to move through it. However, glass is also extremely radiative - it really sucks at keeping the heat within it. Ceramics and plastic are less radiative and thus hold that heat inside of them for longer. 

The combination of low thermal conductivity and high radiative properties make for a very unique material for coffee. It means that it will take heat out slowly but expel it quickly - reflecting the slurry temperature more accurately but not drain the heat out of it quickly. If you measure and compare this to ceramic or plastic, you find a much smoother heat transition, with a less bumpy trajectory, especially comparing to ceramic.

These properties lead to a very unique profile in the cup, where we find a lot of clarity and some excellent qualities to acidity. This doesn't mean that any glass brewer will taste like this one - the flavour profile is a combination of shape, geometry, and material and is unique to this brewer. Definitely worth trying!


Why an OPEN bottom?

A long time ago, we started cutting some of our V3 brewers to create this massive hole and see how they perform. We thought the results were interesting and always planned to release something like this at some point. The OPEN bottom has a ridge to hold the paper in place - so the paper won't just fall through. It allows the paper to bend in the middle, creating a more central tendency to the flow. In early tests, recipes containing some central pouring really worked well for this brewer. 

So why the OPEN bottom? Because we tested it, found it gave something different to our classic approach and felt it was different enough to warrant making a unique product around this idea. We hope you will love it too!


Is it the fastest?

No - not really always. While it has the biggest hole of our brewers, there are other factors that contribute to fast flow rates than just the hole size. However, generally it is fast, consistent and produces a magnificent cup. 


Not a conical brewer

You won't be able to use conical filters in this brewer as it has a ridge at the bottom. We just want to make this clear as it is sometimes harder to see in photos. 



Ideal Brewing Range 12g - 28g (200ml to 460ml) [6.8oz to 15.6oz]
Brewing quantity For 1-2 people
Compatible Negotiator V3 Negotiator (the classic negotiator) 
Compatible Paper Filters OREA Wave size 185 (you can use Kalita 155/185 as well)

With Negotiator tool   
Sibarist x OREA FAST Flat filter
OREA Type "G" Flat paper (185 - Large)
OREA Type "C" Flat paper (185 - Large)
Brewer Material Lab-grade Borosilicate Glass
Base Compatibility

This brewer is NOT compatible with the Type A Glass Brewer base. We recommend you to nest the Type B Glass Brewer into carafes - like the Sense Jug. 

Manufacturing information Handmade in Indonesia 


Shipping date

This product is due to ship in NOVEMBER 2023Your order will ship when all products in the order are ready to ship. If you want two different products that have different shipping dates, please make separate orders if you wish for one of them to come sooner. Please note the shipping estimate on every product page.

OREA Brewer Glass TYPE B
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