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OREA Brewer Glass TYPE A Extra Base


This listing is the BASE only

The glass brewer is sold together with a base. If you'd like to buy an extra base, you can do so here. 

This base only works with the TYPE A Glass Brewer

This base will not work with the Type B Glass Brewer nor with our V3, V3 MK2, V4 brewers or the Big Boy. This base is made specifically for the Type A Glass Brewer. 

Made from food-safe Acrylic

These bases are made from a food-safe Acrylic that is FDA & EU approved food safe. It is tough and durable and has a beautiful transparency that colour shines through.  

Perfectly fits a Melodrip

This base perfectly fits a Melodrip (not on purpose - but a happy coincidence). If you're looking for a very beautiful Melodrip holder - you can grab one of these bases, plug, and play. 


OREA Brewer Glass TYPE A Extra Base
$19.99 USD
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