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OREA Special Edition - Sibarist FAST CONICAL filter [PRE-ORDER]



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A perfect match for the V4 WIDE Brewer

This special paper unlocks a unique flavour profile when used in the OREA Brewer V4 Wide (with the APEX bottom). A unique expression of conical brewing enabled by our design that almost eliminates bypass paired with a very fast paper filter made by Sibarist. This keeps brew times low but enhances depth of flavour from a more full extraction in a simple plug-and-play filter that fits our geometry perfectly. 


Conical Paper for the OREA Brewer V4 WIDE

This filter paper is compatible with the OREA Brewer V4 (WIDE) and is made from the super high quality Sibarist FAST paper. 

Fast brewing with low bypass

The V4 Wide has no ridges or channels in the main brewing chamber - the wall is completely flat. We made this choice consciously across our designs in order to allow papers to fit flush against the walls. This will reduce bypass (water flowing around the coffee, not through it) and ensure we get a more full and even extraction from all of the coffee used. This, in turn, will result in increased consistency in performance and a better-tasting beverage in the cup. Paired with the Sibarist FAST paper, you get a fast-flowing conical brew with reduced astringency, more body, and a unique acidity profile. 


Perfectly fitting the V4 WIDE geometry

The V4 wide has a unique geometry that is more narrow than most conical brewers. This filter paper is perfectly-shaped for this geometry, requiring no tools or folding for the perfect low-bypass fit. This also means that this paper filter will not work in traditional 60 degree conical brewers. 


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OREA Special Edition - Sibarist FAST CONICAL filter [PRE-ORDER]
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